International Women's Adventures

Staying Active - Creating Memories - Building Friendships

Creating Social Adventures for Transplants and International Women, 40+

International Women’s Adventure Club is a nonprofit that organizes outdoor, social and cultural activities around Houston and beyond, for its members. Our mission is to create opportunities for women to establish a more active lifestyle, both physically and socially, while connecting with others in a similar stage of life seeking the same. Together, we are building a richly diverse group – a place where those far from home find community.

Whether it’s hiking at National Parks, going on off-the-beaten-path travels or exploring flavors from around the world, members have regular opportunity to try something new, or do what they enjoy.

Whether you are new in town, or a long time resident looking to energize your social life, come along, we’d love to meet you!

Stay updated on our happenings...

Exploring Houston & Beyond

Our regular events include hiking, cycling, city tours, luncheons, road trips, and more! If there’s an activity or location you think our group might enjoy, please submit your event suggestion here. As a member, you may also consider sharing your passions by leading events.

Meet Our Event Coordinator

Hi, I’m Cece. Since discovering my love of the outdoors in my 30’s, I remain thrilled at every opportunity to get out; be it my local trails or national parks across the country or abroad. I am always open to exploring new places, and I look forward to many wonderful adventures with my IWA friends.

Who Are Our Members?

Besides two X-chromosomes, we are a diverse bunch! Our members are from varied backgrounds, nationalities, occupations… but we share a uniting interest in wanting to become more active, have new experiences and improve our social life.

If you enjoy being around people and have an interest in the outdoors, then join us at our next event, we would love to meet you!